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  • I Am Back From Israel!

    It’s been two weeks since I’ve been back from Israel. 150 of us, from 37 countries started an incredible journey of integrating our collective and intergeneration traumas, through a project called “Pocket Project.”
    I had a rich and intense time learning about […]

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  • Common Reason Why People Don’t Feel At Home

    One of the common reasons why people don’t feel at home is because at some point in their lives they’ve disconnected from the bodies. Our bodies are our physical homes in which we live, through which we feel our connection […]

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  • In Honor of My Ancestors and Heritage

    Today is an Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day. I feel grief and compassion, knowing that millions of people were impacted by this atrocious event. People weren’t just affected by this tragedy in 1915, generations that followed have been impacted as well, including […]

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