Who I am

Gayane Kulikyan, M.A. – Gayane’s curiosity in relationships between people, began at the age of nine, when she and her family, along with thousands of people, were displaced from their homes due to civil war.

Gayane is a global citizen who has a rich cross-cultural background. She grew up in four countries (Azerbaijan, Armenia, Russia and the US) and visited 36 cities in 13 countries. Gayane’s wide interests led her to a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, summa cum laude, with a dual B.A. in Spanish. She is also fluent in English and Russian.

Gayane’s journey of personal growth deepened when she found herself feeling unfulfilled with her job in a Fortune 500 Corporation. Sensing that life held deeper potentials for her, she felt compelled to search for something greater. She felt drawn to works of Carl Rogers, Paulo Coelho, and Carl Jung. Their writing planted seeds of healing, encouragement, and inspiration in her. Her deep inquiry and self-reflections prompted her to take a leap of faith. She moved across country from Michigan to California. By continuing to follow her intuitive guidance, she enrolled at a university in Los Angeles to study Spiritual Psychology. During this 2 year program she immersed herself in deeply transformative experiences.

Gayane’s passion for continued growth and development, lead her to study with Katherine Woodward Thomas and to become a “Calling in ‘The One’” Coach. In the process, she developed clarity about her ideal partner and continued to align her life with the development of her fullest potentials.

Gayane is currently studying with a modern mystic and spiritual teacher Thomas Hübl and participating in a Pocket Project that brought together 150 people from 39 countries. She is learning how to integrate intergeneration and collective trauma, in hopes of healing her ancestral past of the Armenian Genocide. She feels called to co-create a more peaceful world for future generations and she feels inspired by the vision of global citizenship.