• Common Reasons Why People Don’t Feel At Home


    One of the common reasons why people don’t feel at home is because at some point in their lives they’ve disconnected from the bodies. Our bodies are our physical homes in which we live, through which we feel our connection with the physical world, and through which we experience manifestation.

    Also, the word matter comes from Latin materiasubstance from which something is made,” from mater “origin, source, mother“. It represents *dmateria, from PIE root *dem-/*dom- (source of Latin domus “house,”).

    I created a video for you, guiding you through two simple practices that will support you in reconnecting with your body.

    “As consciousness develops, the body will act as donkey for only so long. Men as much as women need to know that their soul is grounded in their own loving matter. ‘This is who I am. Every cell in my body tells me this is of value to me—not to my persona, to me.’ That is the container whose feeling can be trusted because it is grounded in reality.” Marion Woodman

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