Lunchtime Meditations


Welcome to Lunchtime Meditations!

This is an opportunity to take 30 minute from your day to slow down, to breath, to reconnect with yourself and to go back to work, feeling more awake and alive.

Culturally, many of us put pressure on ourselves to move fast and to produce. Inherently there is nothing wrong with that, but if the DOING isn’t balanced with BEING, we often experience this imbalance through health challenges, feelings of stress and disconnectedness.


Lunchtime meditation will support you in reconnecting with your mind, body and emotions. Who know’s, you might even get an insight that will help you to handle your difficulties with greater ease and grace! đŸ™‚

Location: you can call in from wherever you are, either by phone or a link which I’ll provide after registration.

Cost: $5



Here’s a meditation from January 19th class, so you can have an understanding of what unfolds during the meditations. Enjoy!