“Coming Home” Journey Individual Coaching Program

 A three month customized coaching program for people who have always felt rootless and out of place and who want create meaningful connections and lasting relationships. It’s for people who want to discover their sense of home from within and without. Click HERE for more information.


“Surrender to Your Authenticity” Individual Session

If you are feeling disconnected, rootless, isolated and you want to experience more connection in your life, then you will find this one-on-one session valuable. 60 minute session. $75. Click HERE for more information.


45 minutes FREE Discovery Session

If you have any questions or you want to discover what your next steps are, please schedule a discovery session with me. I’d be happy to connect with you. Click HERE for more information.

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Testimonial: “I was an emotional wreck going through an arduous day full of negative thoughts and regrets. It was more than a sad day, it was heart wrenching. So, in my worrisome state I contacted Gayane and from the calm of her voice and her healing advice, I was able to continue in a much better mood and mind set. Her words of warmth, understanding, compassion and true concern got me out of my pitiful state to a stronger, healed and uplifted new me.” L.A.