“Some friends/acquaintances have commented that they see a change in me, that I am more approachable, less ‘heady’.”  Verena, Switzerland


I am more in tune with myself, make it a point to stop at various points throughout the day to breath, close my eyes and connect. I feel more self-compassion, and I am being nicer to myself.”  Verena, Switzerland


“After a series of questions and mirroring exercises, I had this epiphany that I was the one who didn’t value myself in that relationship, allowing it to continue for as long as it did. It helped me to take ownership in my part of the situation and to look for red flags in the future.”  Venu Los Angeles.


“I was an emotional wreck going through an arduous day full of negative thoughts and regrets. It was more than a sad day, it was heart wrenching. So, in my worrisome state I contacted Gayane and from the calm of her voice and her healing advice, I was able to continue in a much better mood and mind set. Her words of warmth, understanding, compassion and true concern got me out of my pitiful state to a stronger, healed and uplifted new me.”  L.A.


I truly enjoyed working with Gayane; empathetic and able to bring hidden issues to the surface, she helped me to look deep within myself, guiding me to explore unchartered areas.” Venu, Los Angeles