Who I am

Short Version

My curiosity in human nature began at the age of nine, when my family and I along with thousands of people, had to escape from our homeland due to war. Within a few days, we turned from a middle class family into refugees.

A sense of homelessness and a feeling of not belonging anywhere, haunted me for years to come. I felt disconnected, lost and focused on external success.

After a disappointing experience of working in a Fortune 500 corporation, I embarked on a journey of self-development. Being an avid reader, I decided to start with books. I felt drawn to the work of Carl Rogers, Paulo Coelho, and Carl Jung. I engaged in dozens of transformational courses, such as “Calling In The One” and “Feminine Power”. I completed a Master’s program in Spiritual Psychology, got certified as a Coach, as well as Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness Practitioner.

As of now, my journey isn’t complete and I don’t expect it to be. I enjoy moving into deeper and richer layers within myself, as I experience greater healing, understanding and belonging in my life. I see myself as a global citizen, rooted in Armenian lineage and influenced by the Soviet history.

Through coaching, meditations and healing work, I help women who feel lost, stressed and overwhelmed to navigate the challenges of life, so they can experience inner peace and Soul fulfillment.

Longer Version

At 9 years of age, I felt like I was taken into the underworld. A war spread through the lands of my birthplace, Azerbaijan, a homeland of my parents, grandparents and great parents.

The trauma of that experience made me feel disconnected from myself, my place in the world and community at large.

Life took me and my family to various homes, cities, and countries; from a university dorm room in Yerevan, Armenia to an apartment in a poor neighborhood in Norfolk, Virginia.

As I was growing up and it was time for me choose what I would study in college, I leaned into my passion for travel. I thought that with a degree in Business I could travel the world and make money.

I was admitted to one of the top 25 universities in the United States (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor) after living in the US for four years and not having spoken fluent English when I arrived.

Due to financial and practical reasons, I decided to go to a local private college that offered me a better scholarship. I graduated, debt free, with a double major and 3.9 GPA. One of the degrees was Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, magna cum laude, and another one in Spanish. 

I got hired by a Fortune 500 Corporation several month before graduation. After six months on the job, I felt bored and disappointed. I knew that this wasn’t my destiny and I sensed that life held deeper potentials for me.

I came home from work and cried. I complained countless times to family and friends about how unhappy and unfilled I felt. One day, as I was talking to my friend and I got tired of listening to myself talk about the same issue over and over again. I was done feeling so miserable.

Being an avid reader, I started to search for a way “out” through books. Through psychology, I discovered that I had an inner world and this opened up new possibilities for me. I felt fascinated and wanted to keep going.

In libraries I stumbled upon works of Carl Rogers, Paulo Coelho, and Carl Jung. They were my three wise men who planted seeds of healing, encouragement and inspiration in my psyche.

My deep inquiry and self-reflections catalyzed a move across country from Michigan to California. I continued to follow my intuitive guidance as I enrolled at a university in Los Angeles to study Spiritual Psychology. During a two year program I immersed myself in inner transformative experiences that took me to explore further frontiers.

My passion for growth and development, lead me to study with Katherine Woodward Thomas and to eventually became a “Calling in ‘The One’” Coach. I started to dismantle the structures of patriarchy that I grew up inside of, that not only influenced me but also shaped my ancestral lineage. I felt more empowered.

A few years later, my Soul encouraged me to participate in a Pocket Project that brought together 150 people from 39 countries. I was learning how to integrate intergenerational and collective trauma, in hopes of healing my refugee trauma, as well as the past of my ancestors who were impacted by the Armenian Genocide. I intend to, one day, facilitate collective trauma healing to prevent cycles of trauma and violence from reoccurring in the future.

Gayane’s writings have appeared in SivanaEast, LivingNow Magazine and Elephant Journal. She was also featured in OneInterview/ OneWorld podcast