Thai Massage

Our team has professional therapists from Bangkok. Thai massage provides deeper level of relaxation, enhances personal outlook, and improves emotional well-being.

Swedish Massage

Often known as the “Relaxing Massage”, Swedish Therapy uses light to firm pressure with a range of smooth strokes. This is the most widely preferred therapy.

Aroma Therapy

We have more than 50+ aroma blends that will make you feel beautiful inside out. Our Rose and Lavender essential oil blend is an award-winning ingredient which has a calming effect on everyone.

Hot Stone Massage

The heat from our hot stones helps release tension, and improve blood-circulation. It helps in relaxing the muscles, making your massage even more effective.


Our Acupressure Therapy is recommended by doctors. It helps to relax muscle and joint pain, minimize headaches, alleviate chronic stress and improve digestion.

Facial Massage

The facial massage includes a combination of soothing warm towels and cool aromas. Refresh your senses and allow oxygen and nutrients to penetrate the skin.

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