• Valentine’s Day for Singles

    I used to dislike Valentine’s day. The pressure to be in a relationship usually became stronger around this time. I would want to hide somewhere or put up a façade that I was not bothered in the least by the fact that I didn’t have a boyfriend. When I looked at couples, I imagined that they knew something about life that I didn’t; that they figured out the whole “relationship thing” and I somehow missed out.

    One of my favorite romantic songs from the childhood is called “A Million Red Roses”. It was sung by a mega famous Russian singer Alla Pugacheva who is now in her 70’s. Although, the story of the antagonists isn’t really grounded in the realities of lasting love, one phrase stuck with me over the years. Translated from Russian it sounds like this: “Someone who loves you, and loves you truly, will transform his life into flowers for you.” I felt a resonance with that sentence.










    May be during this time of singlehood we are given time to heal, to transform our wounds into flowers, into nectar that we can later offer to our partners, to people we are in relationships with now and to the world. May be NOW is the time to courageously ask ourselves such question as: Am I truly happy, even though I don’t have a partner in my life? Am I on my path? Do I feel like I have nurturing and fulfilling relationships?

    The truth is that our personal journeys of transformation and growth keep unfolding, regardless of whether we are single or in a relationship. Intimacy brings up in us what still hasn’t been brought to light, integrated, and matured into healthy expression.

    During this Valentines day, I invite you to take the time to move a bit closer to your true essence. Get to know yourself more intimately, take a step towards your dream career or passion, heal a wound that you’ve been carrying for ages, learn more about your sexuality, etc. When you are in a romantic relationship, you’ll be able to see yourself with more clarity and to communicate with your partner not as much from a place of reactivity, but from a place of response. Then, Love will have a chance to ground herself, to grow roots in your relational space, and to bloom into magnificence for the years to come.

    Here are some ideas on how you could spend Valentine’s day:

    • Go for a walk in a beautiful park
    • Find quite time and meditate
    • Greet a sunrise or be with a sunset
    • Spend time with a child, feeling your heart opening
    • Take in the beauty of a flower or a tree
    • Give yourself your own undivided attention
    • Feel your feelings
    • Read a book that feeds your heart and soul
    • Go out with friends to celebrate LOVE
    • Buy or make a gift for a family member
    • Heal a wound that is calling for your attention

    As for me, I am sharing the beauty of flowers and deliciousness of dark chocolate as presents with my family members. And my friend and I are going to a yin class at a local yoga studio, where our teacher will be guiding us through several heart opening asanas. Namaste  🙂

    Have a beautiful day!




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