Who I AM

My curiosity in human nature began at the age of nine, when my family and I, along with thousands of people, had to escape from our homeland due to war. Within a few days, we turned from a middle class family into refugees.

A sense of homelessness and a feeling of not belonging anywhere, haunted me for years to come. I felt disconnected, lost and focused on external success.

After a disappointing experience of working in a Fortune 500 corporation, I embarked on a journey of self-development. Being an avid reader, I decided to start with books. I felt drawn to the work of Carl Rogers, Paulo Coelho and Carl Jung. I engaged in dozens of transformational courses, such as “Calling In The One” and “Feminine Power”. I completed a Master’s program in Spiritual Psychology, got certified as a Transformational Coach, as well as Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness Practitioner.

As of now, my journey isn’t complete and I don’t expect it to be. I enjoy moving into deeper and richer layers within myself, as I experience greater healing, understanding and belonging in my life. I see myself as a global citizen, rooted in Armenian lineage and influenced by the Soviet history.

Through coaching, meditations and healing work, I help women who feel lost, stressed and overwhelmed to navigate the challenges of life, so they can experience inner peace and Soul fulfillment.

Professional Qualifications:

Master’s in Spiritual Psychology

Certified “Calling in the One” Coach

Certified Trauma Informed Mindfulness Practitioner

Certified in integration of Collective and Intergenerational Trauma

Breathwork Practitioner (Levels 1 & 2)

Certificate of Completion “Mindfulness for Anxiety and Sleep”