“Coming Home” Journey – Private Coaching

A coaching program for women who have always felt like they didn’t belong anywhere, who feel out of place and who want to create meaningful connections and lasting authentic relationships, so they can finally feel at home in Life. 

You might be a traveler, an adventurer, you might even call yourself a citizen of the world. You grew up in multiple cultures/countries or you just moved around a lot. It’s possible that you just never experienced a sense of belonging as you were growing up within your family. You might have an  interesting life, but underneath you also experience this:

You often you feel like you don’t belong anywhere in the world.

You feel rootless and the connections you have in life don’t seem to touch the depths of who you are.

You are hiding in a cocoon and living life like a chameleon. Often you feel like an outsider, standing behind a glass window and looking out into the world, not quiet able to be among people.

You find it difficult to make decisions that will impact your life in the long run. You might have recurring thoughts of moving yet again, in hopes of finding a place where you’ll finally feel at home.

If you can relate to what I’m speaking about then I acknowledge you and I completely understand. If you value spirituality, meaningful relationships and realizing your potentials, then I designed  The “Coming Home” Journey for you.

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You can feel at home, wherever you are.

Creating movement on this path becomes possible when the following principles are interwoven into the fabric of your daily life:

1. Paying attention to inner reality.

So much of our attention falls on outer circumstances, other people, trying to create change from the outside. We often forget about our inner world, the perspectives we have, the lenses we wear, the beliefs we live with, the somatic experiences we hold in our bodies. The truth is that these aspects of ourselves shape our experience of the present moment and often times get projected into the future.

2. Relating to Soul.

We are used to trusting our senses and we forget that the energy of the SOUL, that which connects you to the divine and higher wisdom, is a force that is ever-present and offers guidance when you can hear its voice. The soul embraces your past experiences as well as offers guidance for your future.

3. Cultivating presence.

Presence creates space that is needed to interrupt the patterns of the past from being projected into the future. It holds a key to breaking up the cycles than no longer serve you, so you have an opportunity to choose a life that is in alignment with your heart, with your soul and with your highest potential.

From a participant of the program

“I feel like I was able to access awareness that I haven’t had access to before. You held such a safe and loving space, that I knew I’d be okay to not only sit with what was present, but also take a deeper dive.

Your intuition is so keenly attuned and in your sharing what was coming up for you, allowed me to validate what I was experiencing versus doubting it. This also supported my going deeper and greater trust with myself, my process and my truth. You have such a profound gift and I am thrilled that you are birthing it into the world.

I am blessed to have been able to participate in your first sessions and so grateful for the assistance in shifting my relationship with myself and my experience with what it means to belong.”

Naila Moloo, USA

What is included in the “Coming Home” Journey

The sessions are experiential in nature and include a blend of structure and free flow. I’ll have a brief teaching lesson for each module and then I’ll be guiding you through a series of practices and meditations, to help you move through the challenges and support you in discovering answers to your questions.

In this 3 month program, we’ll have 6 sessions together and we’ll cover the following themes:

Cultivating Acceptance

learn how to connect to yourself and authentically relate to people in your life.

Creating a Foundation

experience ease and relaxation as you learn to connect to a place of refuge inside you.

Healing the Heart

become aware of the content of your heart, and discover a way to move into greater flow of love.

Relating to Your Soul

learn to hear its guidance and clarify your next steps in life.


start to dissolve a sense of separation, so you can organically move into relatedness.


become aware of blocks that hold you back from experiencing belonging and finding your place in this world.

In addition to this, I’ll give you assignments in between sessions to support you further. The recordings of our sessions will be uploaded into Dropbox within 24 hours and you can listen to them at your convenience. They’ll be up for a week after each session, so you can download them within that time frame.

I benefited from this tremendously as it created so much insight and awareness into certain emotional processes of mine (like laughing away everything, even everything that hurts) and helps me to stop for a moment and not just blindly follow the same process, but actually allowing myself to feel what I feel, assess what I want to do with that, what I need and knowing it is all okay. 

Nina Thiele, Ireland


What It Costs

Here’s an overview of the elements that make up the “Coming Home” Journey:

Six 60 minute individual sessions (via Zoom or in person if you are local)

An email check-in between sessions

A guidebook (.pdf file)

“Nourish Yourself” Handout for daily practice (.pdf file)

Extra material will be provided depending on the uniqueness of your situation

The investment is $5,000.

I’m confident that the “Coming Home” Journey will be valuable for anyone who is willing to commit to it. However, if after the first session, you don’t feel like it’s a fit for you, you can let me know before the second session and I’ll refund your money, no questions asked.

If you are ready to sign up or if you have questions, I’d love to connect with you. Just click on the button below to schedule an FREE Discovery session with me. You’ll have an opportunity to share about yourself , your current challenges and I’ll give you my recommendations.


I look forward to connecting with you!

Warmly, Gayane.

* The sharing from prior participants is posted to give you a sense of what’s possible when we work together. It is not meant to set up an expectation that you will have the same shifts or results. I respect the uniqueness of your soul.