Healing Course To Get Unstuck

An Invitation For Women

If you’ve been feeling hopeless, anxious or lost, you are not alone. 
If you feel like you are tired of plowing through life alone…  

If you feel stuck…

If you feel like you don’t know where to look and you no longer want to distract yourself…

If you are ready to step into transformation and change… 

Then, this invitation is for you….
You don’t have to go through this journey alone. 
Allow yourself to receive support. 
Collectively, we are moving through times of transition.
We are shedding old layers of who we are and birthing something new. 
In order  for us to listen to what wants to unfold through us, we need to settle into silence, into deeper holding, so we can hear ourselves with more clarity.
If you feel blinded by your wounds and limiting perceptions which are rooted in the past, then this course will support you in softening and unwinding those stuck places.
You’ll start to align with the deeper/higher intelligence of Life. 
The full version of our future won’t fit into predictable strategies but needs a deeper openness and receptivity. 

This course is experiential in nature and it’s not about knowledge accumulation.
It’s a combination of meditation, breathwork and embodiment practices that I will be guiding you through, to open space for gentle exploration and healing. 
No prior meditation experience is needed.


About Your Guide and Facilitator: Gayane Kulikyan, MA

My curiosity in relationships between people began at the age of nine, when I, my family, along with thousands of people, were displaced from our homeland due to war.

A feeling of not belonging anywhere pursued me for decades to come. I felt disconnected and lost, focused on external markers of success. 

After a disappointing experience of working in a Fortune 200 corporation, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery and soul searching. I felt drawn to works of Carl Rogers, Paulo Coelho, and Carl Jung. I engaged in dozens of transformational courses, such as “Calling In The One” and “Feminine Power” and “Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness”. I also completed a Master’s program in Spiritual Psychology and got certified as a coach.

As of now, my journey isn’t complete and I don’t expect it to be. I enjoy moving into deeper and richer layers within myself, as I experience greater healing, authenticity and belonging in my life. I see myself as a global citizen, rooted in Armenian lineage and influenced by the Soviet history/colonization.

Through speaking, coaching and writing, I help immigrant and refugee to get unstuck, so they can experience authentic lives and realize their fullest potentials.