International Students

You feel overwhelmed, doing your best to navigate the demands of being a student in a new country.

You are not sure how to make new friends or how to date.

The experience in the American classroom and your relationships with professors feel confusing. You don’t know what questions are appropriate to ask.

You feel an emotional overload, at times missing people and places back home.

You want to be part of a local community and engage in interesting activities.

You want to succeed in school and feel at ease.

You want to be mindful of cultural nuances and you want to be authentic at the same time.

If this speaks to you, then I invite you to choose a TIME that works best for you and we’ll set up a time to talk.

I can support you in creating authentic friendships and navigating the dating world. I’ll help you to cultivate a sense of belonging and finding communities that you can be a part of.

I’ll also help you to address difficulties in relationships with faculty, counselors and other support systems you have, so you can thrive and focus on academic success.