Learn To Meditate – Private Sessions

In a world that feels chaotic and overwhelming, it can be hard to find something stable to hold on to. It might feel hard to find your center or to feel a solid ground underneath your feet. 
Constant demands from family and work, the grief from the losses and the disconnectedness you feel from others, as well as yourself, can put a lot of pressure on you mind and body.
Meditation offers a much needed healthy relief through creation of spaciousness, as you learn to slow down. When you live you life from your center, you move through the world with a peace of mind. When you slow down and allow the outer and inner noise to settle, you can start to listen to the voice of you heart, bodies and Soul. 
Another reason why developing the skill of mindfulness is important, is so you can begin to discern fear from intuition, real from artificial, and so you can hear your “yes’s” and our “no’s” in life.
Becoming attuned to yourself is not a luxury but a necessity in today’s world. 

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Discover your anchor point, so you can keep returning to a point of stability in meditation when your mind wanders off.
Learn to ground your energy, so you spend less time hanging out in your mind, strategizing, overthinking and analyzing  
Open to your feelings, while being accompanied in your process, so you feel less isolated, while trusting of the safety of relation.  
A bit about me
I am a Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness Teacher, healer and a Transformational Coach. I have been leading groups and offering meditation sessions to clients who suffer from severe anxiety, chronic stress, PTSD, mental illness and addiction.
I enjoy guiding clients through meditation practices, as well as offering practical tools to help them reduce anxiety, stress and symptoms of trauma, supporting the mind and body to find a way to natural healing. Some people I’ve worked with reported feeling peace for the first time in their lives. Many experienced a reduction in anxiety, some no longer felt pain and others felt tension melting away.


1. How will the session be delivered? 
We are going to connect via Zoom platform and I’ll email you a link for each session.
2. What is the length of each session? 
Each session is 60 mins long
3. What is the financial investment?
Three sessions are $360
4. What will you do in each session?
Each session consists of a teaching part, as well as a personal guided meditation time. You can ask questions and receive guidance along the way. 
5. What will happen after registration?
Once you register, I will send you a link to my calendar, so you can schedule 3 sessions for yourself. If the available times don’t work for you, please send me an email and let me know. 
* If your questions weren’t addressed, please email me at gayane @ concordinlove.com

Testimonials from my guided meditations

available on InsightTimer

Very powerful and deeply healing. Thank you. Love and blessings 💜 x


Sigh. What a beautiful and gentle and healing meditation. I found the teacher’s voice and background music soothing. I found the suggestions clear and practical. When I get into my anxiety loop I forget my tools that my therapist has suggested. This meditation will be very helpful at times like this. Many thanks and blessings.


This is the one of my favorite guided meditations, skillfully led and based on compassion for our emotional pain 🔆