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Just send me an email and let me know that you’d like to set up a Discovery Session: gayane at concordinlove dot com


Here you’ll find information about my coaching and healing services, including one-time private sessions and packages.


Here you’ll find information about my speaking services, including topics that I cover and a downloadable copy of “Speaker One-Page”.

If you have a unique opportunity or audience, Gayane can collaborate and customize her talk.


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Mentorship Program – 1 year

This is an opportunity to dive deeper into your specific challenges and opportunities, opening up to a deeper expression of love and life. Open to people who I already had contact with, either through coaching or workshops.


Testimonial: “I was an emotional wreck going through an arduous day full of negative thoughts and regrets. It was more than a sad day, it was heart wrenching.

So, in my worrisome state I contacted Gayane and from the calm of her voice and her healing advice, I was able to continue in a much better mood and mind set.

Her words of warmth, understanding, compassion and true concern got me out of my pitiful state to a stronger, healed and uplifted new me.” L.A.