Finding Your Way To Love

You are someone who has been single for a while or you’ve been in several relationships but for some reason you attract the “wrong” men. On the surface they might look different, yet after while you are watching the same patterns play out in this “new” relationship. He might be unavailable, he might not be committing to you, he might be doing something that is not in alignment with you values. After a while, you are asking yourself “How did I get myself into this?”

forest-547004_640You feel powerless and you might be loosing hope that being in a healthy and fulfilling relationship might be even possible for you. You might even secretly think that there is something wrong with you, asking why is it so easy for other people to be in relationships, but not for you.

I am inviting you to look into a program designed by Katherine Woodward Thomas for people like you. I am a certified “Calling in ‘The One'” coach and I was personally trained by her and her teaching partner, Claire Zammit to guide people through this eye-opening and healing process.  I am offering you an opportunity to discover what’s blocking you from true love, so you can break up the repetitive cycle of disappointment and heartache and focus on creating the kind of a relationship that will make your heart sing.

Topics that we will cover:

Preparing for Love

  • Expanding your capacity to love and be loved
  • Creating a vision of love fulfilled
  • Clarifying the nature of soul connection



  • Letting go of the past
  • Releasing toxic ties
  • Identifying old agreements and unconscious patterns

Healing Core Wounds

  • Transforming you love identity
  • Healing the hungry heart
  • Reclaiming disowned parts of yourself

Setting Your Course

  • Visioning your futureboardwalk-1783843_640
  • Learning how to receive inner guidance
  • Practicing prayer and meditation

First Things First

  • How to make commitments
  • Cultivating the art of receiving
  • Addressing sexual healing

A Life Worth Living

  • Being happy nowapple-570965_640
  • Listening with an open heart
  • Learning to speak up

Living Love Fulfilled

  • Moving from “me” to “we”
  • A lesson on judgment and forgiveness
  • Become a “Yes” to love

(Source: “Calling in ‘The One'” created by Katherine Woodward Thomas)

How much is it?

Here’s what is included in the “Calling in ‘The One'” Program:

  • Support for 3 months
  • Coaching and personal attention
  • Intimate group, with no more than 5 participants
  • Two 75 minute video calls per month
  • Recordings of sessions
  • Facebook community page

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