Invitation for Immigrants

Emerging Into The Future Together

September 27 @ 6:30 pm PST in Mission Viejo, CA

In our current US political environment, you might feel threatened and unwelcomed.

You might feel like your belonging is challenged.

You might feel scared, angry, or powerless.

Your experiences and feelings make total sense.

And I want to let you know that you are not alone.

Shine Movement

The Shine Movement is a volunteer-produced, alcohol-free variety show that will leave you inspired with TED-caliber talks, original music, comedy, healthy food, The Shine On Challenge (a pay-it-forward experience) & magical connections.

Join us for a night of good vibration entertainment, healthy food Our next show features original music from Ava Domini, a gratitude talk by Asal Dean, spoken word artistry from Terrell Washington Anansi (with music by Mark Romero), an inspiring talk by Gayane Kulikyan, and comedy with Ross Everett.

Grab a friend and grab your seats or come alone and meet new friends! Before you go, hit the “Going” or “Interested” button and Facebook will show you reminders.


Meditation Circle

I invite you to an upcoming Meditation Class and Circle. You’ll have an opportunity to sample various meditation techniques and discover what works best for you.

Location: virtual (phone and Zoom)

Speed Coaching “To Live Your Best Life”

You’ll be offered coaching, tips, and guidance from 8 coaches in the following categories: 
  • Self-love
  • Personal Style
  • Business
  • Spirituality (mine :) 
  • Community Impact
  • Leadership
  • Health & Wellness
  • Relationships
  • …and more!

When: March 30 @ 9 am

Where: Irvine, California

“Coming Home” Webinar

Belonging to Your Essential Self, Your Calling and Your Authentic Life

November 18, 2018 @ 11 am PST

Peace Meditation

When: Sunday, September 23 @ 12 pm PST

Where: La Mancha Park, 26499 Country Club Dr., Mission Viejo, 92691

Embracing Your Authentic Belonging: 

Coming home to yourself & your place in the world
August 5, 1-3 pm in Tustin, California


  • Difference between false and authentic belonging.
  • Common “obstacles” to experiencing belonging.
  • How to cultivate belonging in your life


This is an experiential workshop and not a lecture. You will have the space to explore and make discoveries about yourself, belonging & the way you relate to people.

I’ll use guided meditations, practices, dyad work & sharing as a way to support you.


I believe that as we gradually learn to settle into the home within ourselves and as we begin to more fully inhabit our place in the world, we awaken to a deeper sense of interconnectedness, thus birthing a greater sense of peace within ourselves, our communities and the world.

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