Mindfulness Offers

Private Sessions

In a world that feels chaotic and overwhelming, it can be hard to find something stable to hold on to. It might feel hard to find out center or to feel a solid ground underneath our feet. 

Constant demands from family and work, the grief from the losses and the disconnectedness we feel from others, can put a lot of pressure on our minds, bodies and nervous systems.

Meditation offers a much needed healthy relief and spaciousness, so we can slow down. When we live our lives from our center, we move through the world from a deeper place. When we slow down and allow the outer and inner noise to settle, we can start to listen to the voice of our hearts, bodies and souls. 

One of the reasons developing the skill of mindfulness is important, is so we can discern fear from intuition, sacred from artificial, and so we can hear our “yes’s” and our “no’s”.

Becoming attuned to one’s self is not a luxury but a necessity in today’s world. 

Corporate Wellness

Gayane offers Mindfulness and Wellness training to business and has worked with such companies as South Coast Behavioral Health and architectural firm, AO

For packages and inquires please contact her directly.