Relationship with the Divine

In today’s newsletter I want to share a couple of examples of what life can feel like when you invite more spaciousness into your life as you face challenging situations.

A few weeks ago, as I was looking at a bill, I noticed that my homeowner’s insurance rate went up. It actually tripled. At first, I thought that they haven’t yet received documents that they requested from me or a glitch in their system didn’t add the right numbers. When I spoke with a customer service representative, he told me that the company is going through restructuring and as a result of that, all prices went up. It’s not what I expected to hear.I felt angry. I thought to myself: why should I be paying more? I was hoping that somehow I could “make” the rate stay the same.


When I stopped “trying to solve this problem” from a place of fear, anger and contraction and when I opened up to the situation, I could feel more spaciousness inside of myself. Within a short period of time an action step popped into my mind: reach out to a networking group that you joined and ask if they can recommend an insurance broker. I followed the guidance. As a result of that, I found someone who offered me a rate very close to what I was paying before, with better coverage!!!

Here’s another example for you. Once again I received a bill for water usage and saw that it was higher than usual. When I called Moulten Niguel Water District I was told that I most likely have a leak somewhere in the house. I felt scared and I didn’t know how to determine where the leak was coming from. At the same time I felt a nudge to post a message on my neighborhood’s on-line community network. Through some responses to my post, I discovered that it costs $350 for someone to come out to just detect the leak. I really didn’t want to spend THAT much money on finding out where the leak was coming from. That means it would cost extra to have the leak actually repaired.

In the meantime, a neighbor from that same network offered to come by and inspect the place to tell me where the leak could be coming from. He identified himself as a certified water damage technician and he said he wouldn’t charge me anything. I said YES. He came out and inspected the garage, the laundry and storage rooms, as well as the bathrooms. As I heard the toilet making a subtle noise, and when my neighbor opened the tank lid, we both discovered that the leak was coming from one of the toilets. Bingo! I felt relieved. I also felt very grateful and offered to write him a check. He declined profusely. I felt touched by his generosity and thanked the Divine for supporting me in such a tangible way.

Now, I invite you ask yourself this question: What is my relationship with the Divine like?

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