Something I Wish I Knew When I Was 20

In my 20’s I used to believe that my success was tied to achievement and my achievements determined my worth and value. On top of that, my “success” depended completely on me. 

I didn’t feel that the Universe nor the Divine or people around me were available for support.

My calendar used to be packed with books I needed to read, with tasks I needed to accomplish, with things I needed to buy in order to accomplish my goals. 

I literally didn’t have breathing space to focus on my inner world, feelings and my well being. I didn’t know what I needed, felt or desired. Rest wasn’t really a part of my vocabulary. 

In my daily conversations I didn’t talk about happiness nor fulfillment.

Although, I didn’t know that at the time, I lived my life under a lot of stress and pressure.

It took me years to recognize that and dig myself out of that place. There were layers and layers that needed to be peeled away, melted, released and unraveled, so I could reconnect with my inner peace and wellness.

With over over 15 yrs of self development work, after investing over $100K in my healing, having even traveled to Israel to do intergenerational healing, and having worked with spiritual teachers and transformational coaches, I found keys that supported me in finding my inner peace, a sense of fulfillment and trust in my calling.

That journey helped me to live my life more authentically, it helped me to take deeper exhales, so I could relax into my body and it helped me to trust Life which I no longer sense as “outside of myself” but rather as a movement that flows through me.

If you consider yourself to be a global citizen, international or multicultural and if you’ve been struggling with overwhelm, stress and lack of purpose, then I invite you to take a look at a program I created forĀ  women like you.

Experience Inner Peace and Fulfillment


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