• Is It Safe…?

    A couple of weeks ago I felt an impulse to write an article on safety. I started with some of the more “traditional” phrases, such safety is a feeling of well being, it’s an absence of danger or threat, usually accompanied by feelings of peace, possibly fulfillment, feeling loved, taken care of and included.

    As I sat with this exploration for a longer period of time, an outpouring of questions came forward. All of them started with “IS IT SAFE….?”. I put some of them together and I hope these words can be felt in you as well.


    Part 1

    Photo by Joe Beck on Unsplash


    Is it safe to TRUST
    a man
    a stranger

    Is it safe to be HERE
    in my body
    in my heart
    in my soul

    Is it safe to LET GO?
    of the known
    through breath
    into mystery

    Is it safe to break the SILENCE?
    with a stoke of a pen
    to see all of it
    to hear the full story

    Is it safe to SOFTEN?
    to cry
    to melt
    to unguard

    It is safe to RELAX?
    into my skin
    to be known
    for who I am

    Part 2

    with flaws
    imperfectly perfect
    divinely human
    embodied woman
    in flesh
    with blood flowing through my veins
    free spirited and wild
    living a life that belongs to ME.

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