• What Did You Sacrifice In Order to Fit In?


    Many of us, as we were growing up, unconsciously morphed ourselves into someone our parents wanted us to be. This adaptive strategy made us feel safe, it assured us that we would survive, it kept us accepted by our parents and caregivers.

    Some of the choices that we made as children served our development and contributed to our maturation. And some of them, most likely felt out of alignment with our inner core and who we knew ourselves to be.

    I now invite you to gently shed light on what you had to give up, in order to experience a pseudo sense of belonging within your family of origin. I created a simple yet powerful exercise that will help you uncover some of your strategies and coping mechanisms that you might have unconsciously taken on. I invite you to proceed with self-love and compassion:


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    1. In order to fit into my family system, I had to:
    • shut down the felt sense of my intuition
    • reduce my sensitivity
    • give up my intelligence and common sense
    • give away my power
    • sacrifice my inner knowing
    • obscure my sense of clarity
    • ignore my inner guidance
    • go along something that didn’t feel right
    • give up permission to ask questions
    • obey authority and the unspoken rules in my family
    • stop crying
    • shut down my sexuality
    • _____________________________ add your own

    2. Now, as an adult, which of these behaviors are you still holding on to or engaging in?

    3. Which ones of these do you feel ready to release?

    4. Create a ritual to release what no longer serves your highest good.


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    • For example, you could light a candle. Say a prayer. You could write down what you are letting go of or just speak it out loud.


    • Then, give yourself permission, to reclaim what you had to give up, reduce, or shut down etc.


    • Take a couple of breaths into your body and re-center yourself.



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