On Being Safe

 Safety is one of the basic needs we have as humans beings. Safety offers us a sense of protection, security, and a deep knowing that we are far away from threat and danger. Safety is felt from within and we can also attune to a sense of safety in our environment, as well as people we are interacting with.

My personal definition of safety is feeling a sense of warmth in my body, relaxation and softness in my heart area, and feeling my legs and feet fully grounded and connected to the Earth.

I also feel safe around people who exude such qualities as compassion, gentleness, and integrity. Safety opens up a door to connection. I feel like I can be myself, I can go into greater depth when I am sharing something about my life and relationships. I can be transparent and vulnerable, allowing protective mechanisms to melt.

 jeonsango / Pixabay

Now let’s turn to you:

How do YOU define safety? Can you take time to jot down what safety means to YOU?

Here are some other questions that my ignite a process of exploration within you:

On a scale from 1 to 10 how safe do you feel right now?

What helps you to feel safe?

What kind of people do you feel safe around? What qualities do they embody or exude?

How do you know you are safe? What sensations do you experience in your body? How are you emotionally?

And if you want to go deeper, I invite you to explore the following:

Do you notice when you don’t feel safe?

What triggers that in you?

What protection mechanisms do you use? (hiding, tensing your muscles, pulling away from the world and relations, being inauthentic, etc.)

Can you feel your boundaries?

Please be friendly and compassionate with yourself as you make these discoveries.

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